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Window Technology

Keep the heat indoors

Stay warm and save energy with the Double Low “E” glass. This clear and high-performing glass has layers of transparent silver that keeps heat out in the summer and reflect furnace heat in the winter - keeping your home comfortable all year round.

Argon Gas

Replacing the air between window panes with argon gas prevents heat loss for better performance.

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Strength Classification

The Super Spacer was tested for toughest durability test, the P-1 chamber, where windows are pressed with humidity and UV exposure. Each week of testing is equivalent to one year of actual field use. The end result? 20 Super Spacer will last for 100 years.

White “S” Class Super Spacer

The Super Spacer prevents condensation from your window edges - the coldest parts of the window.Standard "aluminum" spacers accumulate condensation even with minimal humidity indoors. But with the Super Spacer this problem is completely eliminated.

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The problem and solution

The problem of many of today’s energy efficient windows is that they offer glass packages with “Warm Edge Technology” that often have highly conductive metal-based insulating glass spacers. A new window can lose up to 50% of its overall stated R-value with these metal-based spacers at the edge of the glass. R stands for the “resistance” of the transfer of heat or cold through a solid object. So, a higher R-value means better insulation against heating and cooling loss.

The edge of the insulating glass is the most vulnerable to heating and cooling loss. This usually leads to condensation. It’s a problem that looks unsightly, and over time, it will stain wood, peel paint and rot frames.

Not only that, but window condensation can contribute to mold growth, a sinister presence hidden from sight deeply inside window and wall openings.

In fact, visible mold can often be found in poorly insulated or installed windows. Mold is more and more linked to child asthma plus increases in general respiratory illness, allergies and outbreaks of fungal diseases.

The Solution is to keep moisture off the glass with the warmest inside surface temperatures possible. The primary window condensation culprit is its insulating glass spacer. Traditional metal spacers can conduct heat and cold – causing condensation at the edge of the glass.

Convection currents further concentrate cold air along the bottom edge of the glass making that area the most vulnerable.

Only a warm edge all the way around will strike at the heart of the problem.

The world’s only TrueWARM edge occurs with Super Spacer, an insulating foam spacer whose usage helps reduce condensation and allows for comfortable household humidity levels. That’s the Health Smart Windows advantage, and Bravo Windows and Doors only use windows with the new Super Spacer.

Triple Glass

Premium; Highest Performance; High ER Number.

Triple paned glass windows are the most energy efficient models on the market, due to the extra pane of glass and insulating gases (krypton or argon gas) between each pane.

This insulating glass helps keep cold air outside and warm air in, or vice versa. Special coatings are often applied to the glass to enhance their energy efficiency by eliminating solar gain.


Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass

Moderate Cost; High-Performance; Moderate ER Number.

Low-E Glass is double glazed and Argon gas filled, which helps to reduce heat loss, in winter, to the cold outdoors by dramatically reducing radiant heat transfer and actually reflecting interior heat back into the room.

It allows more of the sun’s rays to enter a home as solar energy to be converted into usable heat. In the summer, it helps to reduce the flow of hot outside air into the cooler interior. Therefore, it helps to lower your energy cost all year long. Low-E Glass also reduces transmission of the sun’s UV ray which is the leading cause of premature fading and degradation of fabrics and carpeting.


Clear Glass

Low Cost; Low Performance; Low ER Number.

Clear Glass units provide more efficiency than single pane glass. However, a clear glass unit does allows heat and cold air from both the inside and outside to pass through without much resistance.