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Bravo Windows and Doors is the exclusive distributor of unique European window systems by Testeral.


Windows make a significant contribution to the style and character of your house. They are not only a decorative element, but also have a decisive influence on your quality of life within your own four walls. Windows affect the entire atmosphere of a room. The value of your house can is also increased through high-quality windows. The right "window architecture" also provides your home with a visual focus. Windows from Schüco continue to set international standards for energy-saving, security, convenience and design. The savings potential is enormous. Up to 80 % of energy can be saved as a result of efficient insulation. Schüco windows stand for innovation, quality and versatility. The various materials aluminium, PVC-U and steel can be combined with a whole range of shapes, colours and design elements.


PVC is the most frequently used material for windows. Due to its excellent value for money and its very good thermal insulation properties, PVC-U is often the number one choice for windows. New windows provide for additional comfort at home. Their design and the materials used provide very effective sound insulation. Two sealing levels also prevent draughts even when the wind is blowing hard outside. In addition, the optimum transparency of modern insulating glass allows for greater light than ever before.


Corona - PVC windows for every requirement With its various systems, Schüco offers a wide range of options: the highly thermally insulated systems Corona SI82 and 5 chamber CT 70 with its three different styles Cava, Rondo and Classic, and also the more simple window systems such as Corona 60 AS. These systems offer you windows in the most varied designs and colours.


Your entrance door is key to the overall impression your house makes and the focal point of your façade. The right combination of door frame, infill panel and handle is essential to a well-balanced overall impression. This is why Schüco provides a wide range of products all of which will satisfy your requirements in terms of design, fitting, quality and functionality.
There is a wide range of basic shapes available. You can therefore choose between, for example, single and double-leaf versions, with or without side and centre sections or top light. There is almost no limit to what can be achieved.
A wide range of colors and a broad spectrum of different door infills offer countless additional possibilities. So you can decide whether infills should be used over the whole area, i.e. across the entire door leaf, or only accentuated. The wide range of different infill units, such as decorative frames, applications, glass or cassettes, offer you the necessary creative freedom and imbue your front door with you own individual style.


  • Optimum combination of design and function.
  • Aluminum doors give each building its own individual character and aesthetic design.
  • High performance, long service life, repair-ability.
  • Doors are available in big sizes, various purposes, with different ways of opening.
  • Various security features: burglar resistance, fire resistance and bullet resistance.
  • A range of designs available from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated.


Schuco sliding system (Panorama design) allows to install the sliding system from floor to ceiling. Architects and clients admire the slim profile and a minimum width of a perfect thermal insulation provided.

The stylish slider system offers to a higher level of transparency and allows a maximum inflow of daylight.


With the ability to create large glazed areas, allowing more natural light to enter a room, our aluminium sliding doors and sliding folding doors are the perfect solution for maximising space and minimising the barriers between the inside and out. Reynaers sliding door range can be operated both manually and automatically.

A number of opening options are available, from mono-rail that can disappear in to the wall, multi-rail that allows for very large openings and a folding solution, the ultimate for maximising space.


Modern architecture observe the external space as an extension of the interior space and aims to offer maximum comfort and building efficiency area. Sliding systems are the ideal solution for such needs.

With large windows offer maximum transparency and allow greater entrance of natural light into the building, which gives additional freedom and flexibility in the use of space.


The lift-slide system allows the creation of glazed doors with extreme dimensions and weights up to 400 kg.

It also offers an aesthetical minimalistic middle section.


Facade glazing - is a modern solution for buildings to stand out against the background of other city buildings, it gives a solidity and unique appearance. Glass facade allows designers and architects to realize a unique concepts, forms, and to surprise with variety of approaches of buildings design. Façades are the central unit in the planning and design of building envelopes. Here, Schüco offers a variety of systems, which allow even the most innovative façade concepts to be realized supremely well architecturally: from window façades with a perfect appearance to impressive structural glazing and high-tech synergy façades.


  • Complete profile systems in aluminium and steel
  • All façade types, including twin wall façades
  • Almost all skylight geometries
  • Window units in all opening types
  • Passive and active solar shading systems
  • Innovative façade management technology
  • State of the art protection against fire and smoke
  • Façade constructions in all resistance classes


Winter gardens represent, attractive and highly aesthetic quality area which has the widespread application and purpose. Winter gardens are proved to be highly resistant to different weather conditions and as a very profitable investment. Winter Garden can become an integral part of your terraces, balconies, facility. Winter gardens extend the living space and the natural environment leads us into the house.

When planning still needs to take into account several factors: an adequate roof system and the shape of the roof, proper sun protection, good ventilation, the appropriate window system, adequate natural glass and proper preparation of the basic structure, good installation is in the "crown" of all.


Winter gardens, conservatories, verandas, or a solar greenhouse, are becoming more popular. They are not the only way to increase the area of the building, but also to improve the energy balance. The variety of solutions and designs allow for installation and design of the winter garden based on the individual ideas. Types and forms of winter garden depends on the concept of surface and needs.

The most common material used for making winter gardens is aluminum, a material that is lightweight, easy to install and maintain, resistant to corrosion. Profile of aluminum is characterized by high tension and ease of design. Can be used with thermal insulation systems, the perfect solution for winter gardens. One of the frequently used system for making winter garden is ALIVER 2000+.


Pergola gives you the opportunity to your outdoor space protect from the sun, rain and wind. It can be adapted to any architectural concept and satisfy all needs. It offers effective protection from the sun because it is equipped with a vertically rotating blades that provide natural light and protection depending on the orientation of the sun. Aluminium pergolas are made from high quality materials. The structure is made entirely of aluminum. Includes the ability to adjust the light intensity but also natural shade at any given moment.

Pergola can make in the form of stage fright, as an extension of your living space, but also you can store as independent objects in any part of your garden. Pergolas are very decorative element in every yard.


Besides the basic solutions with which you get excellent protection from sunlight and from your room to can make a pleasant place to work and stay, we also offer additional protection against unwanted insects, solutions with integrated insect fly screen. There are two types of installation: indoor and outdoor installation. Internal installation is performed while the construction itself, while the outer assembly refers to the set of blinds to an existing type of joinery. Types of blinds vary primarily according to the decision of aluminum, or PVC boxes, but also for additional features.

Under other aspects, we emphasize that the boxes differ in the type of insulation or additional options, such as, for example, built-in insect screen in some models.


The advanced supporting glass system based on aluminum profiles is the ideal system for glazed railings (balconies, stairs and building enclosures) with high architectural standards. It offers an impressive aesthetical and functional result with no view limit. It is maintenance free, easy to clean and is fabricated under UNI EN 10807 & NF P01-013.

The railings systems are available in three basic models: In-floor, On-floor and External. Each one of the models offers different applications.

The system can be placed on a final floor or on a parapet by using a 16 or 20mm width and 100cm height glazing (triplex, security). The base system is covered by aluminum side covers which allow the replacement of the glazing without damaging the system or the final floor. Side covers are available in RAL, special colors, anodized type stainless steel, wood imitation.


The new series of Janisol Arte door represents a new standard in thermal insulation. Thanks to the development of an innovative system, which aims to optimum thermal insulation and ease of processing, fulfilling the desires of the designers aesthetically attractive solutions in accordance with the statutory requirements for designs that save energy. Use Janisol Arte can be made extremely stable steel windows and doors with an extremely narrow visible profile widths, which are characterized by high thermal insulation.

Jansen is an excellent choice for all needs, aesthetically beautiful windows, doors and other structures made of steel profiles which, with its strength, resistance to mechanical loads and fire resistance, they open up endless possibilities, size and aesthetic elements.


Forster Fuego has been tested and approved, as a very extensive and complete profile system with fittings and accessories for the integration of single and double doors resistant to fire as well as fire resistant glazed walls.

Attribute of the system is sleek and slim profiles that provide great transparency.


Apart from the aesthetic point of view, there are a number of functional reasons what Alubond can provide for every home and building. One of the façade material that by its wide use can be observed, both here and in the world, is Alubond. Alubond is a good thermal insulator which reduces the cost of heating in winter and cooling in summer, and is especially of significance as these facades not need any special maintenance because they are extremely resistant to weathering.

Aesthetic experience is enriched by being Alubond facades available in all colors of the RAL, although it is usually applied in classic gray metallic paint.


This fire resistant door range is available in classifications EW 30, EI 30 and EI 60 in a wide range of inward and outward opening types, realised with a wide range of door locks to meet every kind of locking demand, including motorized hardware